Polmuz – a legendary brand that produced the first Polish drums, known to every drummer. The company was founded in the 1960s, with its facilities located at Grochowska 75/77 in Warsaw. Besides drums, Polmuz also manufactured percussion instruments and brass instruments. The last drums were made at the end of the 1990s, and then the brand completely disappeared from the market. In 2018, the team from the specialized drum store DrumStore in Gdynia decided to reactivate the Polmuz brand by acquiring all the rights to its name. Today, Polmuz is

high-quality drum kits and ethnic instruments, cymbals, and drum accessories, comparable to the best products from competitors. Bold design combined with proven solutions has allowed Polmuz to capture not only the Polish drumming market but also the hearts of those who remember their first Polmuz drums.
The answer to the question why it is worth buying Polmuz Drums

Polmuz Drums model 1 stand out.

Create unique, custom drums that will make you stand out on stage

Why You Should Choose Polmuz Drums

You can have anything you want!

Why should a drum set always be at the back of the band, serving as barely noticeable background? We believe that drums are the most spectacular instrument. They should be a showpiece on stage, right next to the lead performer. So why not go all out and create something truly awesome?

We have created Polmuz Model 1 especially for you. What does it mean to be custom drums?

It’s not just a “Custom” label or an indication of high quality, although in this case, it is indeed high quality.

These are drums you can configure, decorate, and customize down to the smallest detail. You’re not limited to what’s on the shelf in the store or the color swatch of the manufacturer.

We want people to instantly know that it’s your drum set on stage.

For example, you can:

  • Choose or invent your own drum color
  • Select hardware and its color
  • Design your own graphic to be applied to the drum (or ask us for a design)
  • Select the type of wood
  • Have artistic decorations
  • Choose the depth or width of individual drums
  • Feature your band’s logo on the bass drum’s resonant head or another graphic
  • Select the finish: wax/oil, lacquer, or veneer
  • Include inlays
  • Get a custom label with the owner’s name
  • You can have literally anything you want that is feasible to make

Your dream drums will be ready in a record time of 1-3 months. We handcraft the drums in Poland. We have pre-prepared shells and necessary hardware in stock. No need to wait for shipping from China.

* Particularly demanding projects may take a bit longer due to technological reasons, such as paint drying.

Value for money

You can order Polmuz drums directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized partner store. Since there are no intermediaries involved, it is possible to use high-quality components at an excellent price.

Excellent Service and Support

Fast Turnaround Time